Can you imagine a world where everyone tells you like it is? Rather than as it isn’t. Can you imagine a world where you could not get rich overnight, but you could become wealthy over time…a relatively very short period of time? Can you imagine a world where your financial rewards were directly related to how hard you work? Can you imagine a world where you can create a lifestyle you have always dreamed of just by talking to other people? Imagine.

Those of us earning a living on the Internet recognize its true potential. We also recognize the damage caused by those who constantly perpetuate the fantasy of another kind of “WWW” world. Wealth Without Work. It just doesn’t exist.

If you want to make serious money on the internet, it is totally possible, but you should also be involved in network marketing as it just goes hand in hand. Many of you reading this article probably are already involved in a network marketing program…and with good reason. It works! Network Marketing works, if you work it.

One of the most important objectives is introducing new people to the business aspects of the program with the hope that you can sponsor them and they will join your business. If they do so, you earn a commission on sponsoring them into your network and on everyone they sponsor into their networking business.

Imagine what would happen if everyone in this business told it like it is rather than the usual hyped-up promises that you know deep down where it counts are only going to fall flat.

Can you imagine what would happen if you told your prospects that it was probably going to take them a solid six months of work before they even started making money with your program?

Nine out of ten would move on, right? Good! Good?

Yes, absolutely good! Great, even. Why would you want to waste your time and efforts on the nine who are not prepared to do what it takes to make a success of your program? You don’t become wealthy by having a lot of people in your down-line. You become wealthy by having active, driven and productive people in your down-line. One “go getter” will always be tremendously more valuable than any number of people who never do anything with the opportunity before them. Which is exactly that, an opportunity that they could build their own financial success and a lifestyle they have always dreamed of.

So why not spend your time and effort weeding out the tire-kickers? You need to learn how to make people have to quality for your attention. They need to make an investment in your opportunity before you make an investment in them.

Learn how not to waste time on the “tire kickers” and spend time with the people who have a drive and determination to be successful in their own right. Spend your time with people who deserve your time and efforts. Your network marketing business will grow and grow and grow.

Andrea Pekarik Welch teaches other how they can build their own successful home based business.

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Whether you are a newbie to the network marketing industry or a seasoned professional, you would still probably agree with me that there are two things that networkers struggle the most with…making more money in their business and having enough leads to share their opportunity with. Well these are the exact two problems that an effective funded proposal solves.
To briefly explain what a funded proposal is, it is a system that allows you as a network marketer to make money up front while you prospect so that you will have endless leads and cash flow to promote your opportunity on the back end. If you have ever wondered why the top earners in the industry don’t need to make names lists, it’s because they generate their own leads and make money on the front end. Struggling networkers mainly try to recruit everyone they come into contact with into their business, all without creating a cash flow to sustain their effort long enough to prosper. As a result they quit, never really achieving any success.
So now that you know what a funded proposal is, let me share with you how to find and spot one that works most effectively. An effective system should have each of these 3 components…
1. An inexpensive product that can be sold on the front end to cover your advertising expenses.
2. Lead capture page(s) with proven copywriting that converts the visitor or prospect into a lead. All on autopilot.
3. A follow-up system that keeps you in contact with your leads while building your credibility and creating a solid rapport.
The components listed above are the basic requirements of any funded proposal. But, if you want to increase your conversions even further, here are a few more things that your system should have…
1. Customization capabilities that allow you to be branded as the expert. That means where the lead capture page has your picture and your name on it so that the lead that decides to give you their name and email immediately connects with you, and not some guru.
2. Control of the follow-up process so that you can contact your lead database as often as you like with whatever message you choose. Again, branding yourself as the expert.
3. A training component that then gives the leads instructions on how to improve their business. For example, like teaching the leads how to use YouTube to generate free leads.
Using a funded proposal with all of these components gives you a greater advantage over the amateurs and again, solves your money problem and your lead problem once and for all. So if you are looking to finally have some success, some real success in your network marketing business, then follow the approach of the top earners in the industry.
Once you learn to become the hunted instead of the hunter, you will make immediate profits enabling you to advertise endlessly while generating a never-ending source of leads which will in turn allow you to sponsor more distributors.

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There are thousands upon thousands of different Network Marketing and MLM programs available to you across the internet, so getting started with an Network Marketing program can sometimes seem a bit daunting.

However, when you know what you‘re looking for, you‘ll feel much more prepared to tackle this first major step. There simply isn‘t any easier way to earn money online – that is, as long as you know what you‘re doing.

So you have either been checking into a Plan B already or maybe you have been approached by a friend or acquaintance (or even a complete stranger) about a “business opportunity” that you just need to hear about.

You have been checking out the internet to see what is available and what are your options, but cannot seem to make sense of it all.

You heard that Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki and Warren Buffet are claiming that Network Marketing or MLM is the industry to be a part of.  But, you have also heard (probably from your family and friends) that Network Marketing or MLM is just a big scam or Pyramid Scheme.  I am here to tell you that it is an industry that continues to grow at a rapid rate and is quite lucrative.

Let me at least tell you what Network Marketing or MLM is not.

1. It is NOT an INVESTMENT PROGRAM! Just because you bought a business opportunity, it will forever be a business opportunity and not a business if you sit and do nothing. Just because you join doesn’t mean you will necessarily earn.  The money doesn’t automatically grow because you become a distributor, but because of your due diligence and work ethics it has great potential.

2. It is NOT a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME! Those who make it big in Network Marketing or MLM within a short period of time are the exception and not the rule.

Do you have what they have? (The experience, contacts, paid the price, determination and persistence.) Everyone who has made it had all paid the price.  Remember, everyone starts somewhere and they just started way ahead of you.  Consistency is the key to being a Network Marketer.

3. It is NOT totally a SALES RECRUITMENT PROGRAM. Some like to sell. Some are salespersons, being good in sales will not make you succeed in Network Marketing or MLM.

4. It is NOT MUSICAL CHAIRS. It is never about whom gets there first, sponsor a few people then sit down and watch the group build itself while the latecomers miss out on the opportunity forever. Remember that if the downline works harder, they will eventually earn more than their uplines.  So as the upline, you will need to stay in the game and build and help others build as well.

5. It is not a 9-5 JOB. In a 9-5 job, sometimes people get away without doing any work and they still receive their salary. But it is very obvious in Network Marketing that what you give is what you get.  In fact, Network Marketing has been touted as the “fairest” of riches, since those that work the program reap the most benefits.

So if your downline is working harder and building faster, then their financial success may be growing quicker than yours. Unlike in Corporate America, where you will never see the downline (say the janitor) making more than the upline (the President).

Yes, it is true that having a home based Network Marketing business is a wonderful way to make a living…No boss, no inventory, and no employees may take a lot of the stress off of you, but that you must treat your home business as a business and not a hobby. Consistent persistence is the key to your success.