Whether you are a newbie to the network marketing industry or a seasoned professional, you would still probably agree with me that there are two things that networkers struggle the most with…making more money in their business and having enough leads to share their opportunity with. Well these are the exact two problems that an effective funded proposal solves.
To briefly explain what a funded proposal is, it is a system that allows you as a network marketer to make money up front while you prospect so that you will have endless leads and cash flow to promote your opportunity on the back end. If you have ever wondered why the top earners in the industry don’t need to make names lists, it’s because they generate their own leads and make money on the front end. Struggling networkers mainly try to recruit everyone they come into contact with into their business, all without creating a cash flow to sustain their effort long enough to prosper. As a result they quit, never really achieving any success.
So now that you know what a funded proposal is, let me share with you how to find and spot one that works most effectively. An effective system should have each of these 3 components…
1. An inexpensive product that can be sold on the front end to cover your advertising expenses.
2. Lead capture page(s) with proven copywriting that converts the visitor or prospect into a lead. All on autopilot.
3. A follow-up system that keeps you in contact with your leads while building your credibility and creating a solid rapport.
The components listed above are the basic requirements of any funded proposal. But, if you want to increase your conversions even further, here are a few more things that your system should have…
1. Customization capabilities that allow you to be branded as the expert. That means where the lead capture page has your picture and your name on it so that the lead that decides to give you their name and email immediately connects with you, and not some guru.
2. Control of the follow-up process so that you can contact your lead database as often as you like with whatever message you choose. Again, branding yourself as the expert.
3. A training component that then gives the leads instructions on how to improve their business. For example, like teaching the leads how to use YouTube to generate free leads.
Using a funded proposal with all of these components gives you a greater advantage over the amateurs and again, solves your money problem and your lead problem once and for all. So if you are looking to finally have some success, some real success in your network marketing business, then follow the approach of the top earners in the industry.
Once you learn to become the hunted instead of the hunter, you will make immediate profits enabling you to advertise endlessly while generating a never-ending source of leads which will in turn allow you to sponsor more distributors.

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