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Network Marketing, Never Give Up!

Network Marketing you must never never give up. If you fall down you must get back up. If it starts going bad “you think” never give up. Just shake it off, and NEVER give up. This video is for what ever problems you think you have. It is never as bad as it seems. So if it takes 100 times to do something to get it right, DO IT and never give up. Please take a moment and watch the video. After the video take a moment and think about all of the people that you can help with your business opportunity. This is how I help my business partners get what they want out of life. Is it easy no, but you get out of life what you make of it. Never give up.   The System That Works.

To your BLOGGING success,

Trivia question: Who said those famous 5 words?

…Albert Einstein – quite possibly the greatest mind of all time.

I just finished an impressive book titled: “Action! Nothing Happens Until Something Moves” by Robert Ringer and as I often do when I come across great material, I want to share some key thoughts that may help you greatly…

The “Action Phenomenon” is more important than you may understand and actually goes much, much deeper than you may realize.

This week I’m going to share with you Robert Ringer’s 4 Pillars Of Action that MUST be present or else…

…No results, but more important, no “happiness.” More on that in a moment.

The 4 Pillars Of Action That Must Be Present
For You To Move Forward

1. Nothing Happens Until Something Moves:

Ideas, preparation, knowledge, and wisdom are all essential in the pursuit of achievement, BUT…ideas, preparation, knowledge and wisdom are useless without action, because action is the starting point of ALL progress…

…Always remember that. Here’s a good rule of thumb:

Your feelings lead to your thoughts, your thoughts lead to your actions, your actions leads to your results.

Feelings –> Thoughts –> Actions –> Results

Remember, it’s the results that count. It’s the results that liberate you…

2. The Universe Helps Those Who Help Themselves:

Love this one…I despise the entitlement mentality that is running on overdrive in this country right now. People are constantly looking for a hand out or the Government to bail them out. It’s getting ridiculous.

Isn’t it interesting that the ones with the most “luck” are the ones who are often implementing (putting into action) the most plans? This may be a little deep for some but I have news for you…”Outside forces” always come into play when one takes action and the bolder the action, the more powerful these outside forces seem to be.

3. The Law Of Averages:

Coming from an extensive sales background I really appreciate this one. The Law of Averages is actually a universal principal which means it never fails to work. It applies to every aspect of life — from finding a spouse to closing a sale to applying for a job. Wait a minute…we don’t talk about ‘JOBS’ here at The Home Business Insider. Let’s rephrase –how about applying for college acceptance? Better? Good.

Remember from Pillar 2 about those that help themselves? Well, the more you help yourself (the more action you take) the more The Law of Averages will work for you. This is when things are just clicking for you. You’re attracting all kinds of opportunity. You’re in the zone. Phenomenal feeling…which leads to what? More thoughts, which lead to more action which leads to…You guessed it, RESULTS!

4. Action Produces Genius, Magic, And Power:

Action is the key to the brains ignition. Here’s my favorite part, and may come as a surprise to many: You DO NOT need to be motivated to act! Read that again.

If necessary, force yourself to take action, and motivation will follow. I bet if people knew that there’d be a whole lot more people having results out there…

Most people have it the other way around. It’s the combination of action, genius, magic and power that produces motivation, which, in turn leads to even more action.

Action stimulates both the body and brain cells. It brings you in contact with surprising things, unexpected events, and incredible people who have the potential to be critical to your success. Take action first, even just to explore possibilities, and your creative juices will follow.

And here’s where it gets interesting: “Long-term happiness is a result of taking rational actions that are in accordance with universal principals.”

Aristotle said: “Happiness is a condition not a destination.”

“Real happiness lies not in the achievement of goals, but in the striving toward goals. “Striving” implies action; achievement implies inertia, or an end to the action that brought the achievement”…


You see, most people “wait” to be motivated to take action which is why most people are stuck “waiting” for opportunity to hit them over the head. Opportunities never come to those who “wait.” Ever…

I highly suggest you grab yourself a copy of: “Action! Nothing Happens Until Something Moves” by Robert Ringer. This was a NY Times best seller and the story about the bold action the author took to make it a best seller is incredible. I won’t give that part away…

The book does a nice job of really breaking down the so called “Action Phenomenon” a lot further than I did here and will help you get clear on why you may or may not be taking the necessary action in your Home Business enterprise.

It’s essentially comes down to strengthening your personal infrastructure and making sure your purpose is in line with your goals otherwise taking action becomes pretty difficult. You may be surprised at what you find.

“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.”

To your BLOGGING success,

Can you imagine a world where everyone tells you like it is? Rather than as it isn’t. Can you imagine a world where you could not get rich overnight, but you could become wealthy over time…a relatively very short period of time? Can you imagine a world where your financial rewards were directly related to how hard you work? Can you imagine a world where you can create a lifestyle you have always dreamed of just by talking to other people? Imagine.

Those of us earning a living on the Internet recognize its true potential. We also recognize the damage caused by those who constantly perpetuate the fantasy of another kind of “WWW” world. Wealth Without Work. It just doesn’t exist.

If you want to make serious money on the internet, it is totally possible, but you should also be involved in network marketing as it just goes hand in hand. Many of you reading this article probably are already involved in a network marketing program…and with good reason. It works! Network Marketing works, if you work it.

One of the most important objectives is introducing new people to the business aspects of the program with the hope that you can sponsor them and they will join your business. If they do so, you earn a commission on sponsoring them into your network and on everyone they sponsor into their networking business.

Imagine what would happen if everyone in this business told it like it is rather than the usual hyped-up promises that you know deep down where it counts are only going to fall flat.

Can you imagine what would happen if you told your prospects that it was probably going to take them a solid six months of work before they even started making money with your program?

Nine out of ten would move on, right? Good! Good?

Yes, absolutely good! Great, even. Why would you want to waste your time and efforts on the nine who are not prepared to do what it takes to make a success of your program? You don’t become wealthy by having a lot of people in your down-line. You become wealthy by having active, driven and productive people in your down-line. One “go getter” will always be tremendously more valuable than any number of people who never do anything with the opportunity before them. Which is exactly that, an opportunity that they could build their own financial success and a lifestyle they have always dreamed of.

So why not spend your time and effort weeding out the tire-kickers? You need to learn how to make people have to quality for your attention. They need to make an investment in your opportunity before you make an investment in them.

Learn how not to waste time on the “tire kickers” and spend time with the people who have a drive and determination to be successful in their own right. Spend your time with people who deserve your time and efforts. Your network marketing business will grow and grow and grow.

Andrea Pekarik Welch teaches other how they can build their own successful home based business.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Andrea_Pekarik_Welch

To your BLOGGING success,
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