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Some things never change. We all follow or engage those we know, like and trust. Yet too often marketers want to ask the first pretty girl they see to marry them. No courtship, no nothing. BAM! No sale. If you have a few minutes watch this video, and see if you can relate.

The Timeless Truth of Building A Community of Customers from Randy Cantrell on Vimeo.

Robert Kiyosaki is right in his predictions, now it is 2010 and the dollar value is going down down down.  Numis Network may be just what Robert Kiyosaki wanted back in 2008. But now it is here.  Did you know that over 90% of all silver that’s been mined in the past 5,000 years has already been used by industry? Most Americans don’t realize how important silver is to industry and how strong the demand is. Nor do they know that the US government, which had over 3 billion ounces of silver in 1942, ran out of silver several years ago. Here we have a situation where demand is increasing at a rapid rate while stockpiles are going down! The amount of silver being used is phenomenal in the production of computers, monitors, cell phones, lasers, satellites, high tech weaponry, robotics, digital technology, TVs, washing machines, wall switches, refrigerators and photography film. World silver inventories are at their lowest point in 200 years. Yet the demand for silver is greater than ever! And Numis Network is about to change everyone’s odds with the value of the dollar. This may be your time to get involved with your future, and this could be Your Best Click Ever.

Network Marketing, Never Give Up!

Network Marketing you must never never give up. If you fall down you must get back up. If it starts going bad “you think” never give up. Just shake it off, and NEVER give up. This video is for what ever problems you think you have. It is never as bad as it seems. So if it takes 100 times to do something to get it right, DO IT and never give up. Please take a moment and watch the video. After the video take a moment and think about all of the people that you can help with your business opportunity. This is how I help my business partners get what they want out of life. Is it easy no, but you get out of life what you make of it. Never give up.   The System That Works.